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QuinceaƱeras/ Traditional15 Birthday PartiesšŸŒø

What are QuinceaƱeras? Why is it celebrated?

Helo and Welcome. This past month we have been working non stop and have had the pleause to cover many QuinceaƱeras events. Now, in the Latin American culture everyone knows what happens when the daughter turns 15 years old. But for other cultures of the world it looks like a wedding.

Why do we celebrate a young girl turning 15 years old?

The reason why it is because it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. Many centuries ago, girls were taught how to cook, clean and prepare themselves to be wives. However, that has drastically change.

In the 20th century these girls that turn 15 are allowed to wear make up, go to fiestas, wear high heels, etc. Now it is a fun celebration.

A traditional 15 celebration goes as follow:

The quinceaƱera typically has 14 pairs of guests who, together with the teenager's escort, equals to 15 couples in total. (Now it can go from having none guests to having the exact 15).

After that, the Quinceanera wears a big, bright dress (typically pink) that looks like a wedding dress.

Then she goes to church to receive the blessing of the priest or pastor for the new stage in her life.

Following that is the reception where all the guests are waiting and once the quinceanera makes her grand entrace the party starts.

All in all, it is a very fun celebration. When i turned 15 my sisters organized my quinceanera and i had a lot of fun. It didn't go exactly like the traditional quinces but i did have around 11 guests (damas y chambelanes) and over 100 guests. I see quinceaneras like a Bat Mitzvah, it's a traditional jewish celebration and quinceaneras are a traditional spanish celebration.

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