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Who are We?


Le Team.

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Mariolis M.U

I was always trying to figure out what I wanted to be. I went to college with the idea of becoming a lawyer. Then, I didn't feel conviced that that was my calling. After that, I went to see the friend of my sister give birth and decided that I wanted to be an OBGYN. But, I felt that it wasn't for me, though i love to help people. Ultimately, I got an inspiration which took me back to my childhood. I used to sing, dance and pretend I had my own TV show, all in front of a mirror. So I decided to major in television production and broadcast journalism. A strong passion between the camera and I, was built. And ever since then, videography has been what i love to do. 

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Charles-Stephen L.

I am a media enthusiast, I like to call myself a one man army because I'm specialized in photography video editing, designing, directing, producing and camera operating. My Father offered me my first camera at 16,  it was called DV 4100M. After a baccalaureat in marketing In Cote d'Ivoire , I continued my studies in the USA. When I was younger my dream was to become an actor. After some theater classes I realized that, I preferred to stay behind the cameras, that's where magic is.  I grew lots of skills & experience since then. I speak 5 languages. And I paint in my spare time ,also I like video games, politics and food.

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