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10 years of entertainment 💒

In June's sweet bloom, a tale began,

Two souls entwined, a wondrous plan.

Mariolis, Dominican delight,

With Charles-Stephen, Ivorian knight.

Ten years ago, they took the vow,

Before the world, they made their bow.

Two children came, a precious pair,

A boy of nine, a girl so fair.

Their Cadillac Deville, love's first ride,

In matrimony, side by side.

A video and photo domain they own,

Preserving memories, seeds of their love sown.

To Puerto Rico and Ivory Coast,

Together ventured, hearts engrossed.

Hand in hand, through lands they roamed,

In love's embrace, forever they've flown.

In Rockville's halls, fate intertwined,

At Montgomery College, love's path aligned.

Now in Crown, Gaithersburg's embrace,

Their love's abode, a sacred space.

Their townhouse, where joy resides,

An aquarium, plants that bide.

Rock Creek Park, their favorite place,

Where love's sweet walk, they oft embrace.

With children dear, they roam the lane,

On bikes they ride, through joyous terrain.

In science fiction's world, they find delight,

Sharing passions, their hearts alight.

So here's to Mariolis and Charles-Stephen,

A decade's journey, hearts still leaven.

In love's sweet symphony, they'll soar,

For many more years, forevermore.


1 Comment

Jul 24, 2023

Beautiful 😍 God bless you always!

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