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11 years of civil agreement but ♾️ of lovely friendship ❤️

Today marks 11 years since we got married just in time to keep me from being deported after my student visa expired &. Turns out, our plan worked perfectly! We've managed to fool USCIS so well that we now have two amazing kids and we're both proud US citizens. Were still pretending, but maybe-just maybe-there's a bit of real love mixed in there too 😂🤣

More seriously…..

As I reflect on June 13, 2024, marking 11 years with Mariolis, I am thankful for the role of insanity in our enduring bond. Yes, insanity—the unexpected ingredient that has shaped our journey together.

We often hear Einstein’s famous quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” In love, perhaps a touch of insanity isn’t so irrational after all.

When Mariolis and I first met, we were young and eager, navigating love’s complexities with naive optimism. Through trials and triumphs, we’ve learned that love isn’t a formula—it’s a dynamic journey of growth and understanding.

In our 11 years together, we’ve faced challenges that tested our commitment from cultural differences to the joys and trials of raising a family. Embracing a bit of craziness has led to deeper bonds and unexpected joy.

Anyway our belief in a Higher Power and the laws of the universe has been fundamental too tho, we can’t lie… lets just say God’s spirit of love and wisdom has been a guide . We’ve learned that what we focus on love, challenges, or dreams tends to manifest. Through faith & spirituality, we’ve found strength and guidance. If you focus on shit, shit will grow. If you focus on happiness it will grow too. Its simple multi dimensional math.

As we mark 11 years of shared laughter, mess, mistakes, celebrations, and growth, let’s continue navigating through the ocean of LOVE ❤️ 🌊in which we dived in 13 years earlier!

Get busy fallin in love everyday with the same person and find appreciation in every little things.


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