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Cooking Time: Sauce Pistache and Sauce Djoumble

CYM World had the amazing opportunity to work with Madame Clothilde, who cooks food so delicious and healthy.

We went to the Ivory Coast, West Africa and filmed Madame Clothilde preparing step by step instructions on how to make the famous Sauce Pistache or in English Pistachio sauce. She also shows at the same time how to make the appetizing and filling sauce Djoumble. Djoumble means "old okra" and gives the sauce a unique taste.

Madame Clothilde gave easy instructions for those who are going to make the sauces for the first time. The instructions are easy to follow and one can always look at them when cooking in other occasions. Madame Clothilde used seasoning and cooking products from Mamie Charlotte. We also did a documentary about the products of Mamie Charlotte which we will post next. Hope you enjoy the video and learn how to make this delicious sauces for yourself or your family.

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