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Cake By ElizCake🎂

Have you ever wished to have an extraordinary cake for your birthday?

Have you dreamed to offer a cake to your best friend that matches her/his personality?

Moreover, have you ever consider having one of the fanciest and over the top quality cake for affordable prices?

if you answered yes to one of the questions above then you should call Elizcake right NOW !!!!!!!

Why? Well check out the slideshow below!

Her Cakes are trendy and her talent is limitless.

Whatever cake, whatever theme, whatever flavor she got you!!!!

Call her now at : 240-755-4295

This is the cake she personally made for Charles & Mariolis's Son Nahuel!

for just a little under $100 !!!! MIND BLOWING !!!!!

You won't regret calling her !

If you mention our names ! She might give you a discount !

Oh and btw She speaks Spanish !!!!!!

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