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CYM Cookology: Sakura Japanese Steak House🍣 in Germantown 😋

Sakura 🌼which means a flowering cherry tree or cherry blossom is the name of this popular Japanese Steak House.

Marc Ha🉑is the founder of Sakura JSH. He opened his first restaurant in Virginia and as he kept getting popular he opened many more stores throughout the country.

Japanese food is very healthy and fresh, according to the Sakura Japanese Steak House website.

We were amused seeing the chef prepare our meals right in front of. Though he wasn't excited ( i guess it was too early for him) we enjoyed the process and the taste of the food was excellent.

The prices are a bit on the high side from $25 -$35 per plate, just be prepared. 🎎

This restaurant is a great place to take the family, for a date or just to hang out with friends.

It is worth it to go.


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