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CYM Cookology: Dog Haus

Valentine’s Day. The perfect day to go and discover a new restaurant, bar or pub. we decided to visit a new restaurant in Kentlands, Gaithersburg called Dog Haus.


Dog Haus in located in a nice spot in front of the newly renovated movie theater in the heart of Kentlands. One can easily see through the big windows. As we stepped in, you are presented with a chill ambience. Several tables and chairs. And the bar.

The menu is direct and the food selection is great. There is also a lengthy beer menu on the wall. Edgy. We placed our order and sat at the bar because all tables were taken. Reminded me of Five Guys/Chick Fil A/Pub mix.

The food was............ so delicious!!!! The buns!!! The buns, are unique compared to other places because they are sweet just like the Hawaiin buns.

Go and check this place out. They have plant based meals.

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