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Election updates

Hello Friends,

I want to begin by thanking you for your incredible support and trust. Your signatures and encouragement me were precious to me. 💛

With regrets, I must inform you that despite our efforts, my candidacy for the 2023 Gaithersburg City Election has not been certified by the Board of Supervisors of Elections. My petition fell short of the required 100 qualified voter signatures, resulting in my name not appearing on the ballot for this time.


this news is disappointing, let’s use that same supportive energy you had for me toward your neighbors & friends. Support each others . I will always be here to support you too. And I remain fully committed to our shared vision of a stronger, united community/ world . This setback will only serve as a stepping stone for my future efforts.

Thank you for your belief in me, its both humbling and inspiring. I will be better prepared for the future.

Together, we will continue working towards a peaceful city, country and world 🌎

Gracias, merci, Thank you !

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