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Grocery Shopping

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Line to enter Whole Foods
Whole Foods

Hola! As we continue to adjust to this new “style of life” we learn how to do certain trivial things, like grocery shopping, as easy and pleasant as possible.

Grocery Shopping, at this time, feels like going on a run like the apocalypse world of the Walking Dead.

You have to gear up. Face mask 😷? Check. Gloves 🧤? Check. Easy form of payment? Check.

Imagine doing all of that and thinking you will get in and out of the store in 10 minutes and halt because there is long line that makes you reconsider this “run.”

Trader Joe’s

This is our recommendation;

  • Go to the store early in the morning. I don’t even recommend going in the evening. In the early morning you know there hasn’t been heavy traffic and the air is clean. The good thing about going early in the morning is that the aisles are clear, you have a bit more time to choose what you will buy and can spend little time in the store.

This is a simple recommendation but it will make your trip to the store more easy and fast.

Hope this helped. Take care.

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