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Hands clean... but moisturized!

In these times of COVID 19, we all know the number one rule : wash you hands thoroughly at least 20 sec. I believe each one of us also has a hand sanitizer or ahcohol spray around, and use it all day long when water is not accessible.

Well you must have noticed that the palms of your hands are getting dryer day after day since you've started cleaning your hands that much. If not, lucky you! But if that's your case, here are a few tips to prevent your hands from drying or cure the dryness.

TIP #1 : Do not wash your hands using hot water.

When washing your hands, use warm water or cold water. Both are very effective to kill bacterias and germs. Hot water is drying for the skin and harmful for the oil barrier of your skin that is meant to protect it from external threats.

TIP #2 : Use a fragrance free soap.

If your hands are sensitive, you want to avoid fragranced soap. Use a mild soap, enriched with hydrating oils - i.e. shea butter, olive oil. You want to maximise the hydration.

TIP #3 : Dry your hands with a paper towel.

Using a towel after washing your hands with soap and water will keep them smooth. Avoid air dryers that are overdrying your hands.

TIP #4 : Apply a hand cream.

Right after you clean your hands, you want to add moisture to prevent from dryness. Carry with you an hydrating hand cream. If yourhands are very dry, use a repairing hand cream enriched with oils and emollients. And do not forget to pick a fragrance free one. If you do not like the sticky feeling of hands creams, choose a light textured one.

TIP #5 : A Hand mask at night time.

Night time is the best time for hands cocooning. Before bed, apply a thick layer of an hand cream or a skin butter and wear cotton gloves - if you're comfortable with it. Our skin regenerates overnight so this is the best time to give it some nutrients. Your hands will be so smooth in the morning.

Last but not least : Drink up to 1 Gallon of water per day. Stay hydrated from within.

Stay Safe,


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