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Nail it... Literally!

When taking care of your your hands you should not neglect one of its important details: the nails. Just like our skin and our hair, the nails are directly impacted by our lifestyle. To keep beautiful hands and have beautiful nails, there are simple gestures to adopt.


Nails are very revealing of our state of health. To have beautiful nails, you must adopt a varied and balanced diet, rich in fruits, fresh vegetables, and fish. Certain nutrients such as vitamin B, found in cereals and dried fruits, contribute to the health of your nails. Brewer's yeast, as a dietary supplement, will strengthen and grow the nails.


Wash your hands regularly. Brush the fingertips and the tops of the nails daily with warm water and soap to prevent the growth of bacteria under the nails and the accumulation of residues. Wipe your hands with a cotton towel.


Moisturize your hands daily. Apply a generous layer of hand cream or petroleum jelly at bedtime, focusing on the nails. To reinforce the hydration of the nails and have stronger nails, apply sweet almond oil. For long nails, castor oil will be your best ally.

Cuticle care.

Cuticles help to protect the nail; you must not cut them. You can moisturize them once a week with a vegetable oil (olive oil or jojoba oil) and repel them with a wooden stick to not destroy and weaken the nails. Choose wood or cardboard files if your nails are fragile.

Nail filing.

File nails regularly, preferably after bathing or showering. The filing must be done in one direction to not destroy and weaken the nails. Choose wood or cardboard files if your nails are fragile.

Finally, reduce the frequency of your manicures and let your nails breathe between each of them. Avoid stress and smoking, both harmful to your nails. Wear gloves during your houseworks.

Stay safe,


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